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The Smoking Gun in the Gulf

Posted on Monday, November 8th, 2010 at 10:42 am by Bob Cavnar

A few days ago, CNN reported findings of a government research trip into the deepwater of the Gulf of Mexico, close to BP’s Macondo well blowout.  The expedition, crewed by university scientists, found dead and dying coral in 4,000 feet of water southwest of the the wellsite.  Penn State University biologist Charles Fisher called the dead coral the “smoking gun”, evidence of damage to deep sea life resulting from the millions of barrels of oil spewed into the Gulf for 87 days earlier this year.

As we know, the government has been saying for several months now that the oil had dispersed, degraded, and mysteriously disappeared from the Gulf and that all is well.  The daily drumbeat that Gulf seafood is safe has kept the real news out of the front pages and off of our television screens.  Now we have evidence that these lofty proclamations just aren’t true.  Jane Lubchenco, director of NOAA admitted that the findings were “significant.”
Significant.  How about “tragic”?

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