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REVOLUTION — A Dire Warning

Posted on Wednesday, March 10th, 2010 at 10:01 am by Michael C. Ruppert

March  9, 2010 –  There is a revolution brewing in this country. Some are already attempting to define it… perhaps as a means of shaping it. Perhaps as a means of preventing a no-sided melee which no one can win. — Mark my words and mark them well. A left-right labelling of this revolution will mark the failing of our species and condemn millions of Americans to death and suffering. Labels kill us, especially orthodoxies and labels from the old paradigm. This must be a revolution by all the people who get it as opposed to people who don’t. — If it isn’t, then the bad guys will win again as they always have when it’s been framed as a left-right issue and they controlled both sides. The left has failed us as badly as the right. Just the use of the words “left” and “right” closes off a myriad of possible life-saving options. Conservatives and liberals starve and die in exactly the same way. They go homeless the same way. They bleed the same way. The Powers That Be would much rather have us fighting each other rather than them.

In the Civil Rights and Vietnam era, declassified documents and court cases showed that the ONE thing the FBI was more afraid of than anything else was an alliance between blacks and whites: where civil rights met the Vietnam war. As soon as Matrin Luther King started speaking against the war he was marked for death. –  Now, the one thing The Powers That Be are afraid of is any alliance between so-called left and so-called right. That’s the only alliance; the only coalition that can possibly save lives and stand up against what’s coming. So any time I see crap like ”from the left” or “from the right”, I shudder. Left and right are meaningless terms to me because I live outside the paradigm — at least in my head.

Anybody who fights the infinite growth economic paradigm is my brother and my sister. Ron Paul is fighting it. Cynthia McKinney is fighting it. And I, for one, am not going to chop either one of them off — and hurt all of us — in the process… because of a freaking label. These are two of the bravest and most honorable people I have ever met. — I am reminded of something attributed to Albert Einstein; “The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.”

Collapsenet will be a voice for and a place where those from either the left or right can come in safety. It will welcome Libertarians, Socialists, Anarchists, Secessionists, Democrats and Republicans. It will embrace all colors and all religions. The only thing we will require is an understanding and agreement that we want to save our own lives, and as many of our fellows’ lives as we possibly can.The labels left and right are as doomed as the old paradigm. When the dust settles there will be no conservatives or liberals; only survivors. And in whatever ways we oppose it, our only enemy will always be ONLY the infinite growth monetary paradigm. Our vision will not be distracted. Combat vets understand that the political beliefs or color of the man watching your back, handing you water or ammunition; or carrying you to safety means nothing. He is your brother. All of us at Collapsenet pledge this to you. We want to carry as many of you to some measure of safety as possible because all those labels everyone is so fond of don’t mean shit anymore. If you filter your thoughts that way and don’t know how to stop it, the bear’s going to get you.

There are two labels, however, that will survive. They are ”honorable” and “effective”.



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