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Gaia Mission #1

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

My hubby (a third-grade teacher) and I have always called Gaia Girls, "Fiction with a Mission." I'm happy to announce that the "Mission" component is about to begin! This weekend, on my monthly show, Radio Gaia, I will be announcing Gaia Mission #1.

From the Gaia Girls Blog: "I am soooo excited to share this 2-month Gaia Mission with you! I cannot give you the details yet, but you are going to LOVE it. This is an "earth" mission (Mission #2 will be a "water" mission!) It will take 2 Full Moons to complete.

If you choose to take on this mission, you'll have a chance to win some pretty cool Gaia-Prizes from our sponsors. ONE person will receive the first ever, Gaia Hero-Earth, Award!

This is big! This is huge! I know you care about Gaia and all the creatures we share her with. This is a chance to show the world that kids can make a difference! Listen to Radio Gaia THIS Saturday at 4pm (Eastern Standard Time) As always, the show can be listened to anytime afterward by clicking this link."

Freedom of Blog!

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

I'm pretty jazzed to have my own Chelsea Green blog.  I blog elsewhere; but there are some limitations.  For example:

At my Gaia Girls Blog, kids ages 9-12 are my main readers and they probably aren't keen on reading a rant on hyper-consumerism.  At Eco Child's Play, I stick to topics that relate to kids and families.  Again, not the best venue for musings on my dream of constructing on off-the-grid hobbit hole.  But here–Hi Ho! I feel I can let my inner blogger cut loose and word-wander on paths less traveled! It's gonna be fun.

I'm not sure what topics I will land on most often; so for now, no categories.  I am however, certain that altough my blog posts may range widely, they will remain tied to the hub that is our amazing and wonderful planet. Welcome to my blog.