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Gaia Stuff?

Posted on Tuesday, October 19th, 2010 at 1:44 pm by Lee Welles

Every day I receive e-mails from children (and grown-ups!) who LOVE Gaia Girls. As an author, I get a kick out of seeing enthusiasm for the characters and the story. However, I struggle with the idea of “Gaia-stuff.” Do we need Gaia Girls t-shirts, jewelry, toys? Or, is this just adding to the burdens Gaia must carry?

Check out The Simpsons illustrated the irony of expressing fandom through sweatshops. I’m going to ask that Gaia-fans do a little Google-ing. Find out where cotton comes from. Plastic toys. Jewelry for kids. SHOULD Gaia Girls should make “stuff?” Check out Annie Leonard’s Story of Stuff before you answer that question!

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Lee Welles is the author of Gaia Girls: Enter the Earth, and Gaia Girls: Way of Water.


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