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First Snow

Posted on Monday, November 17th, 2008 at 6:35 pm by Lee Welles

Today was the first "sticks to the ground" snow in my neck of the woods.  Finally, autumn has made its turn to winter and I felt like a celebration was in order.  My merry-making was limited to throwing snowballs at my ecstatic puppy, but it was nice to make the connection none the less.

I've been charmed by the flocking birds and honking geese for weeks now. It's the season for rethinking dinner menus to better reflect the last offerings of the garden and get in the groove of relying on the root vegetables. As I scrubbed dirt of my spaghetti squash, I wondered how anyone could care about climate change unless they were plugged into the indicators of seasonal change. Why would you care about something you don't, on some level, love? How do you love something you don't even know?

We've become a culture that knows more about American Idol contestants than about birds at the feeder.  We can talk about artesian cheese from Italy, but not know what to do with dandelion greens from the lawn.

I've decided to do my part to pique interest in the seasons by throwing a Winter Solstice celebration this year.  What better way to be sure my friends, colleagues, family and acquantences know about this pivotal point in the year. Ideas?  How do you think we could celebrate a most ancient holiday in a 21st Century way?


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