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Freedom of Blog!

Posted on Thursday, July 24th, 2008 at 2:33 pm by Lee Welles

I'm pretty jazzed to have my own Chelsea Green blog.  I blog elsewhere; but there are some limitations.  For example:

At my Gaia Girls Blog, kids ages 9-12 are my main readers and they probably aren't keen on reading a rant on hyper-consumerism.  At Eco Child's Play, I stick to topics that relate to kids and families.  Again, not the best venue for musings on my dream of constructing on off-the-grid hobbit hole.  But here–Hi Ho! I feel I can let my inner blogger cut loose and word-wander on paths less traveled! It's gonna be fun.

I'm not sure what topics I will land on most often; so for now, no categories.  I am however, certain that altough my blog posts may range widely, they will remain tied to the hub that is our amazing and wonderful planet. Welcome to my blog.


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