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Bumper stickers I hate

Posted on Friday, October 16th, 2009 at 12:55 pm by Jonathan Teller-Elsberg

The world will be a better place if well-meaning people would please think a little harder and deeper about the aphorisms they impose on the rest of us.

Your Vote Is Your Voice

If you don't live in Vermont you might not see that one too often, since it's given out by the Vermont Secretary of State, but I see it every day and it's getting on my nerves. Hey, I'm all for the Secretary of State promoting the vote, but really, a vote is a sad and pathetic substitute for a full voice. "Speaking" once every two or four years doesn't give you much leverage in the conversation.

If It's Not Fun, Why Do It?

And this one from Ben & Jerry's is ubiquitous. And evil! I mean, do I even have to begin to list some of the infinite number of things that are worth doing even if they're not fun? This is the sort of message that gives lefties/progressives a bad name. Blech.


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