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"Global Climate Disruption" and the Never-Ending Summer

Posted on Monday, September 20th, 2010 at 5:38 pm by Stephen and Rebekah Hren

Glad to see that the White House has officially adopted Global Climate Disruption over Climate Change or Global Warming as the name for what is sure to dominate the news for the next few generations. We've been advocating this title for a few years now.

Since greenhouse gas accumulations can do things like melt the Greenland ice sheet and potentially bring the Gulf Stream to a halt, thus resulting in a new Ice Age for Europe and the Northern US, the term Global Warming can seem like a misnomer, even though generally speaking the planet is getting warmer. And Climate Change just sounds too natural and benign.

In our neck of the woods in the Piedmont of North Carolina, we're having another hellish summer that just won't quit. Some highlights:

- Rainfall eight inches below normal

- 84 days above 90F and counting. Before 2007 we had never had more than 72, but in 2007 we had 83. Next week, the official start of Fall, the predicted highs are in the mid-90s and no rain. The spinach I planted last week thinks I'm an asshole.

- 2010 tied with 1998 as hottest year on record for US.

Sorry to bitch and moan, but as a representative for all the plants outside, I had to say something.

Stephen and Rebekah Hren are the authors of The Carbon-Free Home, and the newly released A Solar Buyer's Guide for the Home and Office.


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