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April at Ethical Markets and Hazel Henderson

Posted on Wednesday, May 20th, 2009 at 11:41 am by Hazel Henderson

Happy Spring!  April brought a record number of visitors to our three websites as well as, for the first time, companies interested in advertising with us!!  Thus, we are exploring this revenue option (limited to companies that share our goals and meet the highest social, environmental and ethical auditing standards).


*  My recent papers on reforming global finance for the Club of Rome and UNCTAD are at www.ethicalmarkets.com.   Another, "Qualitative Growth" which I co-authored with my good friend physicist Fritjof Capra (also on our Advisory Board), will be published in the UK by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales and Tomorrow's Company.


*  We hosted a retreat here with our Brazilian partner Christina Carvalho Pinto, president of Mercado Etico; with Advisory Board members Rosa Alegria and Thais Corral; as well as dear friends Rodrigo Loures, Michel Haradom, Maria Fernanda Tiexera, Giovanni Barontini and Homero Santos.  We moved forward on the design of our proposed Green Brazil Index of sustainable private companies, lesser-known to U.S. and European investors, modeled on the Private Company Index of Entrex (www.entrex.net), the private exchange for smaller companies not wishing to list on Wall Street exchanges.


*  We are supporting Entrex and its new asset class, the TIGRcubs™, which our Brazilian colleagues and many other green, SRI investors see as a way of raising working capital without giving up equity, while listing on Entrex's electronic exchange based in Chicago.  We are  helping set up meetings with Entrex for many of our colleagues.  Let me know if you are interested in learning more about Entrex's "small is beautiful" financial innovations.  The great disintermediation from Wall Street and "too big to fail" banks has begun.  The old "masters of the universe" still don't understand that in this Information Age, we don't need them!  We are bypassing these old "financial hubs," as I discussed with my colleagues at the Dallas Institute's conference on "MONEY" with Scott Burns, financial editor of the Dallas Morning News.


*  We welcome key new members of our Advisory Board: Mark Finser, TBL Capital, California; John Fullerton, Level 3 Capital Advisors, LLC, New York; Ellen Brown, JD, author of Web of Debt, California, and Dr. Marc Weiss, Global Urban Development, Washington, DC.


*  You may enjoy my latest editorial, "The Politics of Economics," to be published by our partner The Schumacher Society.  Also, look for "Coming Home," a TV program on their work in Massachusetts and their famous local currency – Berkshares – which will be airing at www.ethicalmarkets.tv next week.


*  I will be speaking by videocast at the Sustainable Brands Conference, on the topic "The Economy at a Crossroads."   Judi Schweitzer of our Sustainability Research Group will also be representing us.  We can offer a 20% discount if you register here www.regonline.com/sb09 using my personal invitation code spkrptsb09.

*  The 3rd annual EthicMark® Award for Advertising that Uplifts the Human Spirit and Society, which I founded in 2003, will be presented by Rinaldo Brutoco, president of the World Business Academy on June 2nd at the opening night banquet of the 2009 Global Forum, hosted at Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management Center for Business as Agent of World Benefit in partnership with the Academy of Management and the United Nations Global Compact.


As the financial meltdown continues to take its toll on real economies, it is leading to a much-needed world wide re-think of market fundamentalism, as with the historic summit at the United Nations, The UN Conference on the Financial Crisis, June 1-3, of the G-192, i.e., all the world's nations, beyond the older clubs: the G-7, G-8 and G-20.  Stay tuned for my analyses – as well as for our new TV special "The Money Fix" for PBS stations in the Fall.


Warmest wishes,



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