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We can have either a Republic or an Empire but not both

Posted on Saturday, September 27th, 2008 at 8:03 pm by Darrell Koerner

George Bush might be the blessing in disguise America needs to transition from a culture of unsustainability to one which respects the earth and all peoples as being sacred. Enough with American Exceptionalism already. We've had our initial 200+ years of representative democracy – now is not the time to cave and turn over the Republic to corporate fascists; now is the time to stand up and decide whether this nation and its peoples have the courage to take our country from aggressive adolescence to middle age maturity. Now is the time to stop the torture, stop the dictator-like signing statements, stop the empire building and stop the obscene $1 trillion+ annual spending on weapons of war and death.

Deregulated global corporate "free market" capitalism has been proven to be a lie. Take off the blinders and see the actions of this administration for what they are – the bookends of September 2001 and September 2008 might go down in history as the signal events of the end of the American Republic. Or they might be remembered as the time when the people of this great country finally said no to the fear-mongering tactics of a small group of elites intent on power, wealth and control.

America can lead the world in becoming the first truly sustainable culture. We can live the principles of our founding documents, practice social justice and once again become a positive example to the people of the world. Or we can continue living in fear from our own government. We can have either a Republic or an Empire but not both – America, which will it be?


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