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June 2014

Fermentation Fun with Sandor Katz

Here in our home state of Vermont, summer is in full swing – verdant hills of green, blue lakes and ponds, and the sound of folks out and about in the great outdoors hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking, fishing, and … fermenting? OK, maybe fermenting is best for folks looking for some indoor activities in between […]

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RECIPE: How To Make Blue Cheese

Attention moldy cheese lovers, this recipe is for you! It’s true, moldy isn’t usually a quality we look for in our food, but when it comes to blue cheese, the mold cultures contribute largely to its unique texture and bold flavor. Try your hand at making an authentic Rindless Blue Cheese using the ingredients and […]

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From the Garden to your Gut: Eco-Food Books 35% off

One thing we all know is that where our food comes from and how it is grown matters. Having control over our food supply is key to a more resilient and sustainable future. We’ve got a wonderful crop of books to help you dive in and take that next step toward transitioning to a more […]

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New Book Explores a Net Zero Energy Future

The new threshold for green building is not just low energy, it’s net-zero energy. In The New Net Zero, architect Bill Maclay explores green design’s new frontier: net-zero-energy structures that produce as much energy as they consume and are carbon neutral. In a nation where traditional buildings use roughly 40 percent of the total fossil […]

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RECIPE: Back to Basics Tomato Sauce

Knowing how to make a few simple and basic recipes is key to staying flexible in the kitchen. You can easily prepare tasty meals with just the seasonal ingredients you have on hand. This hearty tomato sauce recipe (excerpted below) is perfect for pizza, pastas, soup stocks, and more, whether you use tomatoes from the […]

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Heads Up! New Books Coming This Fall

Our Fall books have a little something for everyone: Readers will learn about the present-day effects of carbon on the price of everyday goods and its impact on the global economy, biodynamic wine growing and gardening, mushroom cultivation and cutting-edge mycoremediation, sustainable cattle ranching, farming in the woods, learning to slow life’s pace to unicycle […]

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Chelsea Green Authors Honored with National Awards

In recent weeks, several Chelsea Green authors have earned high praise from a variety of prestigious publications and organizations for their books and writing—from books about homesteading and gardening in an era of climate change to books about creating more sustainable communities and business models. Congratulations to all the winners and finalists. Award Winners Ben […]

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Build a Wood-Fired Oven in Your Backyard

Ever dreamed of building a wood-fired oven and baking crispy pizzas, flatbreads, pastries, or even braising meats in your own backyard? Dream no longer, as you’re sure to find inspiration in Richard Miscovich’s book, From the Wood-Fired Oven: New and Traditional Techniques for Cooking and Baking with Fire. Miscovich, a bread expert and instructor, offers a […]

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Save 35% on our New Crop of Spring Books

We are thrilled to announce the release of our new Spring titles! Whether you are looking to tackle cheesemaking; take the next leap in permaculture; for the guide to whole-animal butchery or to just give your kitchen (or garden) a permaculture twist — you’ll find that and much more! For thirty years, Chelsea Green has published […]

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Tap Into Vermont’s Craft Beer Scene

Vermont brewers are emerging as some of the most innovative and entrepreneurial crafters on the American beer scene, if not the world. Discover what the Green Mountain state has to offer with this recently released guidebook, FarmPlate Vermont Beer: Behind the Scenes with Vermont Craft Brewers, published by FarmPlate and distributed in partnership with Chelsea Green. […]

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