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July 2013

Extreme Homesteading: 35% off Books for Small Farmers and Homesteaders

Welcome to the “new normal:” Drought. Wildfires. Torrential storms. As our climate rapidly shifts, how can we best adapt our practices to sustain our food systems and regenerate our land? SAVE 35% on Books for Small Farmers until July 17th Drawing from traditional desert cultures, permaculture principles, and other time-tested holistic techniques, our authors show […]

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Summer Recipe: Suffer-free Succotash from Jessica Prentice

Is your backyard garden positively bursting with ripe, red tomatoes? Have you been leaving your weekly CSA pickup weighed down with armloads of squash, greens, corn and root vegetables? If you’re in a warm climate harvest time is approaching, and you’re probably prepping for canning, cooking, preserving and gobbling down the abundance of the season. If you’re […]

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