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The Thirsty Bird Drinks

He was alive. He was living in Jamespur. Knowing that was enough. It had been years since I’d heard from Girindra, the Bengali boatman who had opened his handmade home, his large loving family, and the world’s largest tiger reserve and mangrove forest to me. Finally, four years after our faithful correspondence of 15 years […]

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Here in southern New Hampshire, our April this year begins with predictions of 6 to 12 inches of snow. But no matter: last week I saw my first large group of returning robins, over by the Dowse’s yard, clothing the red maples with wings and song. “Remember one long winter in the country when it […]

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The BP Oil Disaster: Sorrow and Resolve

A food supply poisoned. Thousands of miles of U.S. territory laid waste. Ecological devastation, livelihoods lost, and the effects to last for decades.

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