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Odds and Ends from Home

Here’s a few items that I thought I’d share with you, mostly this post was driven by people requesting the recipe for the “coctel de nopalitos” or in English, prickly pear pad salad with a lot of juice.  So I thought instead of emailing it out repeatedly why not do it once and for all […]

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Drywall Plaster Notes from Denver

For those who are interested here are some notes about the plaster we applied to the drywall panels behind the sculpture. The museum mounted the panels for us leaving ¼ inch depth from the surrounding frame. I wanted to do this because we frequently get questions about plastering over drywall or similar surfaces. All to […]

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Mud Woman Continues – Part 2

So much for trying to post photos on a daily basis while working in Denver. I knew it wasn’t likely, but I thought I would try. As it turned out, after my initial post reality took over. On days 2, 3 and 4 we worked til closing, rushed back to the hotel for a quick […]

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Mud Woman Continues

(January 27, 2011): We returned to Denver yesterday to begin working with Athena’s sister Roxanne on her sculpture piece “Mud Woman Rolls On.” Our presence coincides with the opening of the Native American exhibit in the old wing of the Denver Art Museum. Gala dinner tomorrow with a public opening on Sunday from 12 to […]

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Mud Woman Begins to Roll

Funny where the world takes you at times. A desire to upload this blog before going to Mexico tomorrow and trouble with the internet at home took me to none other than McDonalds in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Clearly it is not someplace I frequent, but the WiFi is free and the coffee not too bad. […]

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Sieben Linden Ecovillage of Germany

Last Summer (09), while traveling from Denmark to our next workshop in Slovakia, we were given a tornado-like tour of the well-known German ecovillage, Sieben Linden that is located in the Altmark region of former East Germany. We were escorted/driven there by German architect Dirk Scharmer, who has designed numerous straw bale buildings, as well […]

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Revisiting Slovakia: The Straw Bale Dome Project

One of the highlights of our European tour last summer was getting to know the country of Slovakia – the landscape, the people, it’s food and traditional buildings.We were reminded recently of Slovakia when our friend and host from last summer, architect Zuzana Kierulfova (sounds Slovakian doesn’t it?) sent us a blog update about an […]

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