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Sandorkraut reports from Terra Madre

I'm home from Turin, in northwestern Italy, where I attended Terra Madre, a four-day gathering of 7,000 farmers, fermenters, other food transformers, cooks, and food researchers, teachers, and writers from 154 countries. This massive convergence was overwhelming in many ways, but also powerfully affirming. It was tangible evidence of a huge worldwide movement, paradoxically incorporating tradition and continuity as much as resistance and revolution. As the global financial markets crumbled around us, speaker after speaker contrasted the disappearing fictional wealth of speculation on abstractions with the core foundation of economic security: the sustainable production of food. The most important experiences for me were interactions with people from faraway places engaged in educational work similar to what I do; who knew there were similarly-obsessed cultural revivalists out there? I met José Antonio, from Cuba, who is part of a small sto
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