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A Depressing Story You Need to Read

If President Obama’s health reform, the Affordable Care Act, backfires politically, one reason will be the staggering political power of the drug industry. If, for example, the health reform had used the bargaining power of the federal government to lower the cost of prescription drugs bought by Medicare and Medicaid, instead of the current system […]

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A Double Dip Recession for 2012?

Economists are painting a pretty bleak picture of the economic outlook between now and the November 2012 election. Will this hurt President Obama’s re-election chances? Or will voters blame the Party of No? That, of course, partly depends on what kind of campaign Obama runs and partly on the Republicans. But first, let’s take stock […]

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My Private Obama

This originally appeared on The Huffington Post on July 4, 2010 We in the progressive community have projected our own visions onto Barack Obama ever since we first noticed him as a remarkable political novice. It was clear from the 2008 campaign that he was a basically a centrist and seeker of common ground. But […]

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It’s the Jobs, Stupid

This originally appeared on the Huffington Post. The Americans wrapped up their meetings at the Toronto summit in an oddly contradictory posture. With much of the world afflicted with austerity fever, President Obama’s team found itself in the awkward position of pushing the Europeans not to abandon economic stimulus — while Obama himself is unable […]

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The Stealth Attack on America’s Best-Loved Program

Re-posted from The Huffington Post As Obama’s Fiscal Commission prepares for its June 30 hearing, the Roosevelt Institute’s New Deal 2.0 blog invited me to participate in its Social Security’s Fiscal Fitness series, which examines the soundness of the program, its relationship to the federal deficit, and the vital role it plays in America’s economic […]

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Progressive Hardball

If Democrats can start sounding like Democrats again, they’ll have a better shot at holding onto their majority in Congress next November. And if they do keep their majority, they should do two things to turn themselves into a legislative party that can actually do the people’s business.

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