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BP Disputes Flow Rate…I Told You So

You’ll recall that all during the summer I talked about BP’s number one goal with its blowout well: getting it shut in without measuring the flow. They accomplished just that on July 13 when, as the Washington Post reported in August, Energy Secretary Steve Chu ordered the “well integrity test” and the well was shut […]

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Breaking: Terrorists Win. Idiocy Trumps Security. And Sanity.

We’ve already seen the very well documented idiocy that has now overtaken US government policy and “security” procedures at our nation’s airports.  As of today, I can confidently say that the terrorists, without doing more than sending more than a few bumbling apprentices with underwear stuffed with explosives, have won.  They have virtually dragged down […]

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BP’s Macondo Well FINALLY Capped with Memorial

From my pals over at Daily Kos Gulfwatchers, who have continued their 24/7 vigil over BP’s Macondo well since it was killed in the middle of September, below is a video of the cap put in place over the collet connector early yesterday morning.   The cap memorializes the eleven men who were killed by […]

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The Smoking Gun in the Gulf

A few days ago, CNN reported findings of a government research trip into the deepwater of the Gulf of Mexico, close to BP’s Macondo well blowout.  The expedition, crewed by university scientists, found dead and dying coral in 4,000 feet of water southwest of the the wellsite.  Penn State University biologist Charles Fisher called the […]

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Memo to Spill Commission: Bad Cement Does Not Equal Blowout

Among much hoopla Thursday, the Presidential Oil Spill Commission released a letter from lawyer Fred Bartlit, Jr., saying that 3 of 4 tests that Halliburton conducted of the cement designed for BP’s Macando well were unstable.  They also published a report of tests performed by Chevron that all nine of their tests using Halliburton ingredients […]

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Sanity/Fear Rally In Washington Draws at Least 6 Million!

Jon Stewart’s and Stephen Colbert’s Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear was held today in Washington, DC and estimates place the number of participants at as many as 6 million, more than double those who attended President Obama’s inauguration in January, 2009.  The two rallies drew the record crowds as inspired participants from all over […]

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This is What Hate Speech Gets You

Last night, a group of Rand Paul goons assaulted a Move-On supporter protesting Paul’s support of the corporatization of the Republican party.  Paul was arriving at his debate with oppponent Jack Conway in Lexington, Kentucky when Lauren Valle approached his with a sign that said “RepubliCorp Employee of the Month”.  She was either tripped or […]

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First Copies of Disaster On the Horizon In; Released Next Friday

Late Friday, the first copies of my new book, Disaster on the Horizon, arrived.  The book will be released next Friday, October 22.  I’ll post the book signing schedule shortly. Read the original post at The Daily Hurricane. Bob Cavnar is the author of Disaster on the Horizon, available now.

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Macondo – RIP

After 2 months of keeping the relief well on hold while the BP/US government partnership undertook various high risk operations from the top of the well, they’ve finally completed the kill that should have been done long ago.

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