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Libyan Violence Moves Oil Price – And It Could Get a Lot Worse

Reports of escalating violence in Libya, intransigence of its lunatic dictator, Muammar Ghaddafi, and announcements of the evacuation of foreign oil workers has thrown the markets into turmoil.  US stock markets were down again today, and Brent Crude hit as high as $111 per barrel.  West Texas Intermediate traded over $100, closing slightly below that […]

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New Scientific Study: BP Macondo Oil “…On the Bottom” Still

You remember the August 4, 2010 “Oil Budget” published by NOAA and the USGS that most of the oil spilled from BP’s Macondo well blowout had magically disappeared.  In a White House press conference held that day, retired Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen did a victory lap that the leaking well was “static” and Jane […]

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Source: EPA Will Agree to Cut BP Oil Spill Estimate

I know I keep saying it, but I told you so.  The Observer is reporting that, according to its sources, the EPA is likely to agree to cut its current estimate of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico by BP’s Macondo well that blew out on April 20.  BP has officially disputed the government’s […]

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The Hydraulic Fracturing Dilemma. And Danger.

Hydraulic fracturing, known as frac’ing, of oil and gas wells has been a common practice for decades yet little is understood about this complex, and potentially very dangerous well treating practice.  In the last 10 to 15 years, more and more questions have been raised by both the environmental community and regulatory agencies, and the […]

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Sargent Shriver, The Quiet Hero, 1915-2011

One of the heroes of my early life died today after his own long life of 95 years.  Sargent Shriver, who will live forever in my memory as the young, vibrant brother-in-law of John F. Kennedy and husband of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, set the example of selfless public service to my generation and those who […]

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A Missed Opportunity

Today, the presidential oil spill commission issued its final report concluding that the blowout of BP’s Macondo well was certainly preventable, was caused by identifiable mistakes made by BP and its contractors, and resulted from complacency and poor risk management–placing doubt on the safety culture of the oil and gas industry as a whole.  The […]

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Preview of Spill Commission Report – Confirms Weaknesses in Industry, Government

Yesterday, the President’s oil spill commission issued one chapter of its report to be released in total on January 11.  The released chapter, Chapter 4, goes through the commission’s recounting of the events leading up to the blowout and its own conclusions about causes.  No new information was revealed in the released chapter, though the […]

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Another Nail in the Coffin of Offshore Drilling Safety Reform

Earmarks were not the only government spending plans that died when Harry Reid pulled the Senate omnibus spending bill this week.  So, too, did fees and rule improvements that would have helped the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, the revamped agency overseeing offshore drilling safety, fund increased inspections and reviews.  The omnibus bill contained $51 […]

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How the Tea Partiers Will Govern: Stupidity in Action

If you are wondering how incoming Tea Partiers like Rand Paul, Ron Johnson, and Marco Rubio will govern once in office, you need look no farther than Nassau County, New York.  And it ain’t pretty. In January of this year, Edward Mangano was one of the first Tea Partiers to be swept into office by […]

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My Week in Japan…Seeing What the US is Missing

I’ve been in Tokyo, Japan this week for business meetings, so have spent a couple of days walking the city and riding in the back of cabs from place to place.  In my spare time, I’ve be absorbing as much as I can of Tokyo, walking back streets of shops and trying to experience Japanese […]

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