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The military’s clean-energy mission

By Michael Brune, Sierra Club Executive Director, reprinted from SFGate: The military’s clean-energy mission Someday, in the not-too-distant future, our country will be getting more than half of its power from energy that is safe, secure, and sustainable. We’re not there now, and in fact we have a long way to go in many sectors […]

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The Real Economy

Our real wealth comes from our resources, not from stocks, bonds, or financial derivatives. It’s no wonder investors “flee” to gold at times like these. As the economy re-balances, other valuable and scarce commodities (oil, phosphate, copper, even food) also have nowhere to go but up in price. If clean rivers, songbirds, and polar bears […]

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DuPont, the EPA, and golfers apparently have tree blood on their hands

DuPont’s new “environmentally friendly” herbicide called Imprelis is the likely culprit behind a whole bunch of sudden tree deaths and injuries on golf courses around the country. The U.S. Composting Council came out against Imprelis earlier this year, warning that grass clippings treated with this chemical should not be composted. Now it seems to have […]

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Nobel Prize Winner Opens One Eye

At first glance, last week’s New York Times Op-Ed piece by Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman looked like a slam dunk. His column entitled “The Finite World” seemed to be the latest admission by yet another mover & shaker that peak oil and resource scarcity will control our economic destiny for the foreseeable future. Here […]

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Food prices are set to explode, so start your garden now!

I’m all for renewable energy, but we’re facing a critical shortage of food in the coming years as the world’s population continues to increase while there is less arable land, dramatically higher fertilizer prices, and shifting agricultural zones due to climate change. In this climate, it is madness to use our good land and fertilizer […]

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UK Energy Secretary: Oil price may double; shocks on the way

With every passing day, another official or major institution comes out with a prediction of imminent peak oil and price shocks. Here’s another to add to this growing list. It just confirms what many of us have been preaching about: get ready for a rougher ride ahead. Now is the time to work on your […]

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What to do with extra zucchini (hit a bear!)

If you’re lucky enough to have some zucchini (summer squash) plants, you know they can provide months worth of fresh vegetables for you, your family, and maybe most of the neighborhood. The challenge quickly becomes what to do with all those zukes. Entire cookbooks have been devoted to this subject. Inevitably, you forget to pick […]

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Raise your own chickens and beat salmonella

At my house, we have eaten eggs every day this week. Unfortunately, because of the salmonella outbreak that’s taken a few million eggs off the market, most Americans cannot make a similar statement. My family feels perfectly safe eating eggs because they do not come from hundreds or thousands of miles away and are not […]

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Disappearing Oil: The REAL Story (You Need to Read)

[Note to reader: The REAL Story begins in Paragraph 2.] A giant sucking sound was heard and with it went the Gulf Oil Spill (or so they would like us to believe). As you’ve no doubt been reading, one of the major stories this week is: Where did all the oil go? Apparently no one […]

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Corn Demand Exceeding Supply

Farmers in the U.S. are unable to meet demand for corn, according to the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, despite the probability of a record crop once again (so says Earthy Report, link below). Methinks too much of this corn is going in peoples’ gas tanks; what a waste of good food, land, and water, not […]

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