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DuPont, the EPA, and golfers apparently have tree blood on their hands

DuPont’s new “environmentally friendly” herbicide called Imprelis is the likely culprit behind a whole bunch of sudden tree deaths and injuries on golf courses around the country. The U.S. Composting Council came out against Imprelis earlier this year, warning that grass clippings treated with this chemical should not be composted. Now it seems to have killed off and sickened a huge number of Eastern White Pine, Norway Spruce, and other trees. I love what this is going to do to our waterways, drinking water supplies, and animal and soil health as well, though Imprelis is supposed to be less toxic than other chemicals (though this story shows just how much they didn’t know about it). Nice going DuPont, nice going United States E.P.A. for approving this, and nice going to all you who support golf courses around the country, some of the largest consumers of herbicides and generators of crystal clear runoff for our streams, lakes, rivers, oceans, and aquifers. Why exactly do people need to have acres of manicured lawns to play an overpriced and addictive game? Start a garden instead, grow some of your own food while you enjoy the greenery, save some money, and help slow down the planet’s destruction while you’re at it. Welcome to a highly rewarding, productive, and (yes) addictive pursuit… Link to news story:

Furniture from Mycelium

The house is filled with the earthy smell of mushrooms cooking. It’s not a welcome-to-winter soup simmering or a ragout thickening; I’m baking a little mushroom footstool in the oven. That’s not all that’s baking in that house, you may be thinking… Read more: Read More..

Roasted Squash Soup (Recipe)

Roasted Squash Soup This recipe makes some delicious squash soup, which is a healthy way to keep yourself warm as the evenings turn cool. If you like a creamy, herby, or spicy soup, there are some flavor variations included below. I recommend using a sweet, dense-fleshed winter squash such as butternut, buttercup, or kabocha. Alternatively, […] Read More..

Grameen is installing 1000 solar home systems a day…in rural Bangladesh!

In one of the poorest countries on the planet a renewable energy service company is installing one thousand solar home systems – a day. Not in its capital or busy urban centers, but where 80 percent of the population lives – in rural Bangladesh. The company, Grameen Shakti, literally translates as rural energy. By the […] Read More..

Long Orange Firecrackers

In our home garden, we just picked carrots this week. From one raised bed, my kids unearthed an armload of long orange firecrackers. Picking carrots, potatoes, and root/tuber vegetables is such a satisfying harvest. There is something special about bringing up buried treasure: you’re never quite sure what is hidden until you pull it out […] Read More..

Some Sick Chickens and Eggs in Your Food Supply

The U.S. government is attempting to cut the jobs of 1,000 poultry inspectors to save $85 million per year. The new plan is to have the poultry industry “self inspect” themselves (after all, the same concept worked well with Wall Street, right?). One poultry industry inspector will now be responsible for “inspecting” the dizzying number […] Read More..