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San Antonio Muni To Launch Limited Solar FIT

Another utility has announced that it will voluntarily launch a limited solar PV feed-in tariff. The municipal utility serving San Antonio, Texas, CPS Energy, will introduce the program in January of the new year.

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China Launches Differentiated Wind Energy Tariffs

China has instituted a new system of differentiated wind energy tariffs based on four wind energy zones. The move is the first in Asia since South Korea implemented a feed-in tariff program in 2005. China now joins a growing list of developing countries with feed-in tariffs, including South Africa and Mongolia. China is also the […]

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Indianapolis Power & Light Proposes Modest Midwestern Feed-in Tariff Program

Indianapolis Power & Light (IP&L), an electric utility that provides retail electric service to 470,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in and around Indianapolis, Indiana, proposed a pilot feed-in tariff program in a regulatory filing earlier this year.

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Britain to Launch Innovative Feed-in Tariff Program in 2010

They said it couldn’t be done, but Britain has risen to the challenge. Britain’s Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Miliband has released long-awaited details on the Labour Government’s feed-in tariff policy.

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Warwick Wind Trials Gives Failing Grade to Rooftop Wind

If further proof is needed that mounting wind turbines on rooftops is a bad idea, the final report on the Warwick Wind Trials is it. The report, while bending over backwards to give the British small wind turbine industry the benefit of the doubt, clearly lays out the principle problems with rooftop-mounted small wind turbines–poor […]

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