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Something Evil This Way Comes

JAN 3, 2010 — As I write, the world is falling apart. Military forces from all major powers are flooding the Gulf of Aden, using piracy and terrorism as a pretext. This is all jockeying in anticipation of a major, and possibly total, war in and around the Persian Gulf — where 60% of the planet’s known oil is. Pakistan is imploding. Within days it will face a “worst possible” energy crisis and, according to Pakistani news sources, trigger massive civil unrest. Pakistan has failed. An Israeli and/or U.S. attack on Iran is now, no longer unthinkable. Just recently, Israel recalled all its ambassadors and charges d’affaires simultaneously for what (sure looked to me) was an emergency huddle. Major power shortages are crippling nations from the Phillipines, to Vietnam, to India, throughout the Caspian and especially Pakistan. Cities in many countries (including the USnd Britain) are selectively turning out streetlights that will never come back on because they can’t afford the cost. The world is starting to shut down.

Sovereign default is a threat throughout Europe and especially in Greece and the United Kingdom. There are signs that the U.S. economy has started to implode. I will join my good friend, the brilliant James Howard Kunstler, in predicting a DOW at 4,000 in 2010.

President Obama has just ordered massive governmental preparation for a biowarfare attack. Something evil this way comes, and it will be worse than 9-11. Those who have followed me regularly over the years know that I have never gotten excited about any of a score of rumors of another attack. I was the last to get excited because I trusted the map we were making. It proved accurate.

It still is and I am scared shitless. But I am not panicking. I’m trusting the map. We made it together. We’re on this ride together.

With the movie Collapse doing well and the book selling strongly I appreciate the risk I’m taking with my credibility, and that I am inviting attacks for issuing this statement. It has been estimated that over a decade my predictions have been 80 per cent accurate. (I never kept count.) I pray to God that this is one of those 20 per cent that I get wrong. To all of you who I love and to whom I owe so much, I recommend that you make a small investment in potassium iodide tablets for yourself and your family. It’s time to start running faster than the other campers.

And with all of that you should hear the songs the New White Trash are writing and recording. You will very soon. I am so proud to be a part of this band. Music will make the birth of the new paradigm easier to take. I’ve been listening to Taj Mahal all day.


Originally posted by Jenna Orkin on Mike Ruppert’s blog.


Jan 13, 2009 --- Remember Katrina and Rita? Those hurricanes that prompted a government response which made most of us ashamed to be American? I am certain that the global response to a devastation far worse, as a result of the Port Au Prince quake, will make Bush's Follies look like a well-oiled machine. Not only is the situation on the ground worse; the governments that might send massive aid are financial and economic basket cases. With the death toll already circling 200,000, and almost all critical infrastructure destroyed, the effort needed would have broken most governments before the collapse. It would take a Marshall Plan. So fuggedboudit. The UN can't help much either. No one can. There will be so many stories of courage, heroism, sacrifice and love to arise from this tragedy. At some point I can just see good souls all over the Gulf with private boats trying to do what they can. Take some fresh water and medical supplies in. Maybe pull a few out before anarchy and disease consume everything. It reminds me of a line Jeff Bridges once spoke: "You human beings are at your best when things are worst." -- That is exactly what must change in us. Read More..