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If a Disaster Struck Your Town, How Could You Cope?

Watching the poor people suffering in Haiti points out our all-too-human vulnerability when disaster strikes, things fall apart, nothing is working, and the few facilities and rescue workers that are functioning are hopelessly overloaded! Most Americans are in the danger zone for some kind of disaster, whether it be terrorism, hurricane, firestorm, flood, or earthquake, yet few of us have developed any type of survival plan, or laid aside supplies and materials that could make the difference between life and death in times of trouble, or between severe discomfort and relative ease.

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Tiger Woods and the Broken Wing Act

Last summer, I was admiring a pair of adult quails ambling through the sage brush adjacent to my back yard. Following close at hand were roughly twenty puffball-like baby quails. Apparently I got a little too close for comfort. At a signal from the adults, the entire flock of puffballs froze in their tracks, blending into the landscape, and one of the full grown quails started fluttering on the ground.

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When a Super-Bug Strikes Close to Home, How Will You Deal With it?

“Certain bacterial infections now defy all antibiotics.” –Stuart Levy, M.D. “We have to recognize that we are in the most dramatic moment of the epidemic… And the number of cases will unfortunately increase and that’s why we will reinforce all the measures necessary to contain the outbreak.” –Mexican Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova, Monday April […]

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We’re Running Our World Like a Ponzi Scheme!

Bernie Madoff sure made a name for himself, didn’t he? First he made a name for himself as a “Wall Street Genius” whose coveted firm not only promised, but consistently delivered, extraordinarily high annual returns on investment, even when the economy was down. More recently he made a name for himself as the architect of […]

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