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NYC Activists Call for a Safer St. Patrick’s Day

Over the past several years, SAFER has used the alcohol-fueled mayhem surrounding St. Patrick’s Day to highlight the relative safety of marijuana compared to alcohol. Click HERE and HERE to see news stories about them. This year, a group of activists in New York City are carrying the torch by calling on the city to […]

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Women Speak Out for Marijuana Legalization in California, Nationwide

Women throughout California and across the nation held news conferences Tuesday to speak out in support of Proposition 19, the California ballot measure that would regulate marijuana similarly to alcohol.In California, they stressed the importance of getting out to vote for Prop. 19, and how its passage would enhance the safety of their families and […]

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Big Alcohol’s Anti-Marijuana Spokesman on the Hill

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) took to the airwaves Tuesday to decry increases in marijuana use amongst the American public and call for a ramping up of marijuana enforcement nationwide.At first glance, some might think Smith is genuinely concerned about marijuana use and its impact on public safety. Yet it’s hard to take him at his […]

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Big Alcohol Fueling Opposition to California Marijuana Initiative

According to a recently filed campaign finance report, the campaign to defeat a marijuana legalization initiative in California is receiving substantial funding from the alcohol industry. Now marijuana advocates are fighting back, calling on the opposition campaign to explain why it is working with Big Alcohol to keep marijuana illegal. On September 7th, the California […]

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RN Cites Relative Safety of Marijuana in Defense of California Legalization Measure

A great column from registered nurse Lanny Swerdlow appeared in today’s edition of the Palm Springs newspaper, The Desert Sun.  In it, Swerdlow highlights the relative safety of marijuana compared to alcohol and suggests California would be a safer and healthier state if Proposition 19 — the measure to control and tax cannabis — is […]

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College Students Nationwide: Allow Marijuana as a Safer Alternative to Alcohol

Colleges themselves, organizers say, unwittingly encourage drinking by enforcing zero-tolerance policies against students who are caught smoking marijuana.

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