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Earth Awareness

Great Backyard Bird Count

Friday Feb 13th is Day 1 of the 4-day Great Backyard Bird Count. I highly recommend this as a family activity. It takes as little as 15 minutes per day and it is easy for children to participate. Your kids will be thrilled to know they are helping Audubon and Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology–real bird […]

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Ya Gotta Laugh While Ya Learn!

One of my biggest peeves is the idea we have to scare kids about the environment.  Young minds are very motivated by fun and curiousity.  There is so much to love about nature…leverage that curiosity!  And, when it comes time to help the wee-ones develop their awareness of “environmental issues,” make it fun! I highly recommend […]

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Strong, Green Shoots an ’09 Prediction

I am positively giddy. This rotten economy is going to do something that all the well-meaning progressive programs (and/or faith-based for that matter!) could not. As the money stream slows to a trickle for most families, the idea of luxury will change. And yes, the kids will whine about it. But, this is a good […]

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First Snow

Today was the first “sticks to the ground” snow in my neck of the woods.  Finally, autumn has made its turn to winter and I felt like a celebration was in order.  My merry-making was limited to throwing snowballs at my ecstatic puppy, but it was nice to make the connection none the less. I’ve […]

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