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Earth Awareness

We Are Passengers

Today’s earthquake, and resulting tsunami, in Japan reminds us of a few important truths: we are but passengers on this spaceship; it’s a living ship; the skin we rest upon is alive, and ripples with activity. I am reminded that my own lifetime is barely a breath in the long history of this planet. My […]

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No Habeas Corpus Here

This is a wonderful speech. Chief Oren Lyons speaks about Climate Change at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues at the UN Headquarters in 2007. His words ring true. “People have to change. Directions have to change. Values have to change. Otherwise…There’s no mercy in nature. None. No Mercy. Nature has none. Has […]

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A VERY old Thanksgiving Prayer

Long before pilgrims, the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois, or The League of Six Nations) had an opening prayer for gatherings. Still spoken today, Ohenten Kariwatkwa (which literally means “Words That Come Before All Else,) is used to remind us of our inter-connectedness with each other, other living beings, and the cosmos. There are many versions of Ohenten […]

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Interspecies Connection

This video is beautiful. It shows what can happen when people set aside their own wants, needs and agendas. This woman is simply be-ing, and another thinking, feeling creature felt safe enough to investigate. People tell me I have a way with animals. The way is to have no way. Just get out of the […]

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Tigers In Bhutan

I really admire people who dedicate their lives to understanding and protecting threatened and endangered species. Tigers have been under tremendous assault due to habitat loss and poaching. Worldwide, there may only be as few as 3200 tigers left in the wild! So, you can see why BBC team member, Gordon Buchanan gets emotional when […]

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The Bravest Woman I Know

In the Gaia Girls books, Gaia often says, “Be brave.” Julia Butterfly Hill is the bravest woman I know. She tells it like it is. I think it is interesting how listening to this level of truth-telling makes even a greenie like me squirm. One-by-one, we will need to move away from our disposablility consciousness. […]

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Small Things, Big Smiles

As I was walking to my office, I started to think about all the small “Gaia-gifts” that make me smile. Here is my top ten, and why I picked them. 1-Monarch Caterpillars: because they remind me that transformation is possible 2-Walking sticks (the bugs): because Gaia’s craftiness is cool 3-Bees:because they remind me the sweet […]

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Treading Air

Wow! Wow! Wow! These are the times I ADORE modern technology! Watch the hummingbird via a super-slow motion camera and see how hummingbirds do it. I know how to tread water, but these little guys have developed to tread air! (Hmmm, air-girl power?)

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Musings Over V-8

It’s February. I’m standing at my kitchen window, looking at bare trees, a dormant garden, and pale grass that I’d like to imagine is waiting for Spring with as much anticipation as I. I’m sipping V-8. “Hot Spicy V-8.” I love it. But then I start to wonder: where did the tomatoes come from? I […]

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