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BCM7 and Oxidised LDL

For more than 10 years, Alexandra Steinerova and colleagues from the Czech Republic have been untangling the causes of oxidative stress in infants. It is a fascinating story of how one investigation leads to another; of how BCM7 (beta-casomophin-7) and A1 beta-casein were subsequently implicated; and then how causation has been subsequently demonstrated.

The research is important because oxidative LDL (caused by oxidative stress) and antibodies thereto, are key risk factors and indicators of heart disease. They are also important indicators of Alzheimer’s disease.

Most people associate heart disease with easily measured cholesterol. But amongst researchers, oxidised LDL is much more important because it is this substance that makes arteries sticky and leads to formation of plaque.

The initial work of Steinerova and colleagues showed that, during the first few months of age, some babies have increasing antibodies to oxidised LDL, whereas others have decli
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