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Sharing Ownership of the Future

Blogging is new for me. In fact, this is my first time out. In the months ahead I plan to write here about the topics and issues tackled in my book, Companies We Keep (recently released by Chelsea Green), particularly the promise of employee ownership and the importance of conducting business with community, people, and planet as our top priorities.  I hope a lively conversation will develop. As the warm glow of a thrilling election begins to fade into the stark reality of the hard work ahead, my pathological optimism remains. Certainly Obama's election says something encouraging, even exhilarating, about the current state of mind of the American people.  It reminds us who we always thought we were, and perhaps it can return us to the principled terrain of our revolutionary roots. We are in the midst of a cascade of spectacular events.  Several years ago, Al Gore released An In
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