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NY Times Asks: Can Google Grow Without Becoming A Monopoly?

The New York Times editorial questioning Google’s purchase of online flight software company ITA raises questions that could well apply to any new business Google buys unless the Internet Goliath changes its business model. The Times editorial rightly raises the $64 billion question: Google cannot abuse its dominance in search to shut out the competition. What […]
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Elizabeth Edwards: “With Less Armor Than I Have, They Fight Too.”

The news of Elizabeth Edwards’ death Monday struck all of us. She was a personal hero, a battler for the rights — especially health care — that so many Americans lack. When Edwards was the main speaker and honoree at Consumer Watchdog’s 2007 Rage for Justice dinner, she had an audience of hundreds sobbing. Not […]
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FTC Endorses “Do Not Track Me,” Calls For A New Privacy Framework

If you wonder if you are being followed online and if anything can be done about it, take a look at the just-out Federal Trade Commission report on online privacy A frightening amount of information is available about us online and the Federal Trade Commission has endorsed the notion of a “privacy by design” build-in […]
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Texas Oil Price Gouging Behind Drive To Stop Greenhouse Gas Caps

When the eighth largest economy in the world establishes a landmark greenhouse gas emissions cap, you can bet oil companies are going to try to find a way to knock it down for one reason: money. A new report shows the motivation behind one Texas oil giant’s crusade against California’s landmark greenhouse emissions law: big […]
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The Beverly Hills Tea Party?

If you think the Tea Party represents real people who are mad as hell about real issues, you might want to know that it just had its first rally under the Beverly Hills sign over the weekend.I found out about the rally when I showed up for a 10 o’clock news debate and singer Pat […]
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Fiorina Is A Koch Head

There's a name that's becoming as ubiquitous in dirty oil politics as Coke cans are in greasy spoons. And it's pronounced like the soft drink, but spelled Koch.

David and Charles Koch are the oil and gas tycoons sponsoring a fundraiser for US Senate candidate Carly Fiorina at the Republican Senatorial headquarters in Washington, DC on Thursday.

The oil bros influence over the development of the Tea Party and GOP politics for decades was exposed recently in The New Yorker.
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