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You Still Have the Power

In 2006, the Fifty-State Strategy helped put Congress in the hands of Democrats. In 2008, it put the White House in our hands too. We worked hard; we listened to the boots on the ground, and America voted for Democrats -- often in places once thought off limits to Democratic candidates.  Americans honored us with the opportunity to demonstrate our ability to lead.

In 2010, we face the reality that the culture of incumbency and corruption in Washington will not be changed just because Barack Obama was elected President, or just because the Democrats have majorities in both Houses.

You know the problems:

• A handful of Democrats openly siding with Republicans to kill health care reform -- a core plank in the Democratic Party Platform -- and then being rewarded for it.

• An activist right-wing on the Supreme Court that has shown the world that they are willing to blow-up over 200 years of institutional honor in the name
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The Media’s Treatment of Palin’s Outrageous “Death Panel” Claims

Former Governor Sarah Palin made some preposterous claims over the weekend which attracted mainstream media attention. She made up the term "death panel" and claimed that part of the health care reform bill now working it's way through Congress required that families with children with disabilities, or elderly people who are infirm, could be judged by one of these death panels, which could control their fate and decide if they would die. GOP leadership repeated this outrageous claim across the airwaves on the Sunday morning talk shows. The mainstream media gave this claim credibility simply by repeating it.
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Heck of a Town

I was born in New York City. I can remember riding double-decker buses on top for a nickel, and when the Third Avenue subway through Yorkville was an elevated train. I had my first real job in New York (Wall Street), I worked in my first political campaign in New York, Ed Koch’s first (unsuccessful) […]
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