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Greetings– This is my first post on this blog.  I’m pleased to have an opportunity to expand my contacts with the online community–especially the sustainable living, relocalization, and renewable energy sectors. Due to my intensely busy professional schedule, my posts will be erratic, and responses to your posts will probably be slow, so I ask for your patience. Since winter is breathing down our necks (for those of us who live in Northern climates, such as Vermont, where I live), I’m going to start with a very short post on sustainable home heating. This is a topic that has been largely ignored by most people until fairly recently, however, I’ve been studying these issues for many years. Consequently, about three years ago, in an attempt to substantially reduce my family’s carbon footprint, we replaced our old, oil-fired boiler in the basement with a new Tarm model 1.5 wood-pellet-fired boiler (manufactured in Denmark and available in the US from BioHeat USA).  Here’s a picture of it and the stacks of bagged wood pellets to fuel it.   And yes, before you ask, I carried each of those bags down from our garage, one at a time. And, as you can see, I’ve gotten pretty good at stacking them neatly after three years of experience. It can be a very meditative process with the right attitude, and it’s great exercise.  We have been very pleased with the way the boiler heats our 1,200-square-foot home. We just fill the hopper in the rear, and it takes care of itself for days. Get off oil. Stay warm with wood. To be continued. For more information on sustainable home heating, take a look at my book, Natural Home Heating (Chelsea Green, 2003). Greg Pahl