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Patricia Unterman Likes My Book

I almost didn’t want to link this because it gives me way too much credit at the expense of my cheese co-workers.* But any praise from a well-known food writer that says, “Rainbow Grocery, the worker-owned, natural foods supermarket, currently has the best cheese department in San Francisco, taking into consideration range, price and quality,” is something that should get out there. Especially from a writer who once compared shopping in our store to shopping in the Soviet Union.* ;) *Without the work of Mariah, Jenny, Pete, Anna, Kelly, Pat, and D’louie during the transition years from the old store to the new one, no one would be talking about our cheese department and I certainly wouldn’t have had a book on cheese published. **It’s true though, that at least one old Russian lady has fled the store when the found out it was a collective. *** The comparison was in here, but she was actually saying how much more she liked the store at our current location Read the original post on Gordonzola’s blog.
cheesemonger Gordon Edgar is the author of Cheesemonger: A Life on the Wedge.

Great Cheeses from ACS 2012: Part 1

I am only mentioning cheeses that are new to me here because – as anyone there can attest – there were too many awesome cheeses for one person to blog about. My versions of these from past years are still pretty much valid, so check those out as well if you want. Here is a […] Read More..

American Cheese Society 2012: Judging

Whenever I get a chance to be a cheese judge at the American Cheese Society Conference, I grab it. I really do love it. I am honored to be asked – and that is part of it – but I love it mostly because it is pure cheese: just me, my mouth, and 1771 anonymous […] Read More..

Gordonzola’s Humble Suggestions for Getting the Most out of the Cheese Conference

I’ve lost track of how many ACS conferences I have attended. I pretty sure I have attended every one not on the East Coast since 1999. Almost universally, they have been awesome experiences that have taught me innumerable things about cheese and introduced me to people I otherwise might never have met. Back when I […] Read More..

New facebook page

I started a new facebook page because during vacation it dawned on me that I really wish I hadn’t given the “Cheesemonger” facebook page the name of my book. For one reason, it’ll be confusing when my next book comes out. For another, it’s embarrassing commenting on other people’s facebooks as “Cheesemonger: A Life on […] Read More..

When Cheese Goes Bad

There are times of the year I associate with bad cheese. Usually it is after a holiday, when a distributor has bought too much of something perishable that didn’t sell. Buyers are alerted to these deals with flyers titled things like “Hot Sheet”, “Killer Deals”, and “Margin Builders.” This is definitely risky buying for the […] Read More..