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Vermont ATV Policy Headed in Wrong Direction

The Douglas administration has proposed a rule change that would permit All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) to travel on state lands — parks, forests, and wildlife management areas. These lands are now closed to ATVs, as are federal lands in Vermont like the Green Mountain National Forest.

Ironically this proposal to open state lands to expanded ATV abuse comes at a time when most other states and the federal government are either banning ATVs outright, or attempting to greatly restrict their use. Why would Vermont go in the opposite direction?

If the administration had talked to more of the public or done its homework, it would have discovered that many states and federal agencies are trying desperately to restrict the growing off road vehicles (ORVs) threat. For instance, New Jersey banned off-road riding by ATVs on all state park, forest and wildlife lands. Why? Because of a growing awareness that ATVs create unacceptable resource damage, increase conflicts with other pub
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