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What happened to spring?  What happened to early summer?  What happened to best intentions and organized schedules and having time for everything?  What happened to remembering a tryst in Paris?  What happened to recording the inspirations found in a walled garden in Burgundy?  What happened to writing about the nest of large turkey eggs, finally […]

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Having friends in Normandy is kind of like finding a hundred, unexpected dollars in your wallet. We have friends in Normandy–Denise and Hughes and their two rapscallions Josephine and Georges. We went with our good friend Meg for a visit a week ago (was it only a week ago?) on the Friday train just in time for apero in the back garden. Kir Royale, olives, and chips. Some of us couldn’t stop eating the chips. Denise is from Australia and Hughes is French and grew up in the village in which they live. Denise coordinates a film festival (she’s worked in film for a long time) and Hughes is an artist. He can paint anything. Trompe l’oeil, portrait, landscape, abstract, surreal. You name it. He can paint it. They own a really beautiful, really old house with a walled garden. A really high wall. Ancient espaliered pear trees, flowering, thick-trunked wisteria, a hedge. Some roses and lilacs. If we didn’t love them so much….

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Finally, Off the Road

Now, we are in Paris, one of our favorite and most frequented cities. We have a dear friend with an apartment here and somehow, we seem to end up on her doorstep at the end of every April. This will be the 5th year in a row that we’ve spent Caleb’s birthday here which is today. Not only have we been overwhelmed by the last two weeks of tasting and thinking, we are now confronted with the one big taste that is Paris. We are a bit stupid with the same awe we feel every time we visit here.

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