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Will Coffee Be a Casualty of Climate Change?

For several years government officials and scientists have argued whether global warming was a man-made or a natural phenomenon. They have wrestled over droughts, air circulation patterns, icecaps and a thousand other indicators of whether global warming was "likely" or "directly" our fault. In spite of the strong belief in the scientific community that all our cars, factories and other activities were speeding up global warming at an alarming rate, the politicians managed to get the official verdict to be "likely." High in the Sierra Nevada ("Snow-Capped Mountains") of Colombia, indigenous Arhuaco coffee farmer Javier Mestres had no such doubts. He did not see things in parts per million. He had never heard of the Global Circulation Model that tried to measure increments of change in the temperature of the ocean or dynamics of the atmosphere. He was unaware the international report stated Colombia would heat up dramatically in the next 20 years and lose 9
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Is Convict Labor Socially Responsible?

A while ago, Starbucks got caught using convict (prison) labor to pack its gift boxes. This was through a contract packager known to most of us in the coffee world.  At this point I don’t know if they are still doing it, as it is incredibly difficult to get a straight answer out of most […]
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