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What Religion Has Lost to Science, Part Two

Several comments last week asked me to clarify what I mean by “religion.” I’m using the word to mean Christianity, the normative religion of the U.S. Your constructive comments and critiques are most welcome. Continuing last Monday’s Musing (Part One), here are six more areas in which our developing “hard” sciences replaced or marginalized religion […]

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What Religion Has Lost to Science, Part One

With most “Science vs. Religion” harangues centered on the theory of evolution — did Adam really have a pet dinosaur? — it’s easy to miss the larger fact that even by a century ago, religion had already lost most of its territory to sciences.  American churches have not kept up with population growth in over […]

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The Metamorphosis from Religion to…

The radical transformations of Western Christianity from about 1800 to today can be seen as three acts in an unfinished play. Act One was staged against the background of the ancient three-story universe that was assumed by those who wrote the Bible, and still believed by most of our country’s founders in the late 1700s. […]

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For Those With Ears to Hear

I want to offer another perspective on the escalating scandal within the Catholic Church, and alert readers to a good recent essay on these sordid topics. In “The Pattern of Priestly Sex Abuse,” Harriet Fraad offers some important data many of us didn’t know.

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