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An Annexation Idea

Why doesn't Vermont just annex itself to Canada and get it over with?

I cried my entire way through the ice dancing competition during the Olympics. I was rooting for the Canadian pair, although I loved Meryl Davis and Charlie White also. And I was also rooting for the—dare I say it out loud?—the Canadian hockey team. Canadians had won so few medals and in their own country too. They were the underdogs; I always root for the underdog; this used to be an American trait. Americans win too many medals. I wanted Canadians to win at least some. I've got to admit though that some of the Americans who won gold, like Evan Lysacek, were amazingly gracious in victory. I was proud of them, of him.

Canadians are a lot like Vermonters. They're modest, self-effacing, not pushy.

The day after the U.S. beat Canada in hockey, the American goalie was on the street in Vancouver and a Canadian stopped him saying, "You're that American goalie!" What came next was the Canadian versi
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What Confucius Said: On Greed and the Public Good

In New York City, down on the Lower East Side, in Chinatown, about a block south of where The Bowery crosses Canal Street, out in the middle of the traffic where Division Street splits into a Y and joins Bowery, in that triangle of asphalt and concrete created by the forking Division Street, in the middle of the stalled, horn-blaring, weltering confusion, the chaos and noise, on a stone pedestal about seven feet high stands a silent and serene, ten foot bronze statue of Confucius looking out over the swarming crush of humanity.
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