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Wikileaks: Where’s the Oil?

Ever since the first WikiLeaks "dump" of classified documents began during the summer of this year, I've been looking for official documents that confirm what many serious -- but often censored -- journalists have known for a long time: that the war on terror is really just the latest stage in the Great Game for Oil. I just went to WikiLeaks' new website and typed in "oil" under its archived section on "Iraq and Afghan war logs." I found numerous mentions of military attacks against oil installations (pipelines, refineries) on the first page of 320 pages of archived documents, but for some reason my computer froze when I tried to gain access to the remaining pages. As for the diplomatic cables, the archives do not reveal leaks of "Top Secret" documents -- and that's where the oil discussions are likely to happen. It's possible there are some juicy documents in there that ha
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The Battle for Justice Heats Up

The growing accountability movement got a major shot in the arm recently when it learned that on April 19, an Argentinian judge sentenced the last of Argentina's dictators, Reynaldo Bignone, age 83, to 25 years in prison. Bignone's crime: kidnapping and torturing 56 victims in a concentration camp during the reign of terror known as the "dirty war" that gripped Argentina from 1976-1983. This is huge, surpassing the arrest of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet in his hospital bed back in 1998. (Pinochet died before justice could be done). The conviction of a former head of state for crimes he committed while in office sends a powerful message to all those suspected war criminals still on the loose, including some of the top leaders of the Bush administration.
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The True Cost of Vermont Yankee

With Town Meeting only days away, at least 38 towns will be discussing whether the Legislature should approve the continued operation of the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant, which is trying to get re-licensed in 2012. Three issues will predominate: the cost of people’s utility bills, finding alternative energy sources, and the impact of its continued […]
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