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Cut Carbon in the Garden: Hand Tools for a Large Garden

My wheelbarrow Every day I carry an amazing weight and volume of stuff around, to and from and in the garden, with my trusty old barrow. It is Yugoslavian and dates to 1991, still rolling beautifully even if the hood is beginning to rust around its four bolts attached to the frame. I prefer pushing to pulling, even though a time and motion study revealed little difference in effort required. Building labourers may be seen pulling wheelbarrows because they "can't stand the sight of the bloody things". Over the course of a year, I use mine to fetch three tons or so of horse manure from the neighbour's yard, spread twenty tons of other compost on beds, carry many tons of vegetables back to the shed, take lawn-mowings and crop remains to my compost heaps, carry hundreds of module trays to beds for planting, fetch lots of firewood and, finally, it transports a large pot of vegetable stew to our village hall for harvest festival supper. I wonder how many good wheelbar
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To Dig or Not To Dig: An Experiment in No-Till Growing

Winter in the northern hemisphere is often seen as a time to bring out spades or forks and ‘turn over’ or ‘break up’ the soil. I know quite a few people who actually enjoy doing this, but if you don’t, is it really necessary? I garden on dense clay, undug for a decade or so, […]
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