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Palm Oasis and Red Bread at Al Absaa, Saudi Arabia

by Brad Lancaster,, © 2010 Number 3 in a series of Drops in a Bucket blog entries on Brad Lancaster’s and David Eisenberg’s U.S. State Department-sponsored adventures and gleanings in the Middle East Al Absaa, Saudi Arabia, April 2009 At Al Absaa we toured irrigation projects within the largest oasis in Saudi Arabia. Over […]

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Cisterns of Old Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

or, If You Pray for Rain – Harvest It By Brad Lancaster,, ©2010 Number 2 in a series of Drops in a Bucket blog entries on Brad Lancaster’s and David Eisenberg’s U.S. State Department-sponsored adventures and gleanings in the Middle East Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, April 2009 Most of the water people now drink in […]

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By Brad Lancaster © 2010 Watergy is a term coined to describe the interconnection of water and energy. Every time we consume power we consume water. This is because water is used in the generation of our power – in Arizona this figure ranges from 0.001 to 56 gallons of water per kWh of […]

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Rain Beer

By Brad Lancaster © 2010 Rainwater is known as “sweet water” throughout much of the world due to its pure “sweet” flavor when compared to brackish, alkaline, chemically-treated, or polluted ground and surface waters. Now it is also known as “beer water.” And folks, it is good – very good. I sampled numerous pints […]

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Green Burials

By Brad Lancaster © 2010 Drops in a Bucket Blog, When I was little I was terrified of death. I often cried myself to sleep as I thought of the end of life. It seemed so bleak, pointless, and severe. Mom tried to comfort me with the concept of going to heaven. This did […]

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Garden Hose Dangers and Recommendations

© 2009 Brad Lancaster, Many garden hoses leach lead and other chemicals into the water as it sits in the hose. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and brass fittings are often the culprits. Yuck – the water tastes like lead! To reduce such risk, purchase, use, and/or drink only from hoses labeled safe for drinking water. […]

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Harvesting Urban Drool

© 2009 Brad Lancaster, All around the world I see water wastefully flowing down urban street curbs and out of concreted storm drains even though it has not rained in months. It is not stormwater I see flowing. It is urban drool. Others call it “nuisance runoff” – water from leaky pipes, driveway car […]

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Street Orchards for Community Security

© Brad Lancaster, Drops in a Bucket Blog My view of public streets was radically changed when I heard ecovillage designer Max Lindigger tell the story of an insightful walk he took with his grandfather. “Look there,” said his grandfather, pointing to condominiums being built on the once-forested slopes above his village in the […]

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Farming in the City with Runoff from a Street

© Brad Lancaster, Drops in a Bucket Blog, The following is one of my favorite water-harvesting stories. It comes from one of my mentors, Russ Buhrow, and has inspired me in much of my work. It is amazing what Russ produced with stormwater, something too many people consider to be a waste or a […]

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Create the Conditions for Catastrophe…or Resource Management for Community Security

Rainwater harvesting expert, Brad Lancaster, discusses the opportunities presented if we begin to view our community “wastes” as community resources. He provides examples of how to get started.

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