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My Adventure in Renewable Energy: Part 3, Programmable Thermostat!

So now I really started to get online and read. I knew there had to me more I could do and I started at AltE because I knew their University section would be jam packed with idea on things I could do to make my home more efficient. AltE sells alternative energy products but they don’t want to sell you a solar power system or wind power system until your home has hit optimal energy efficiency. Makes perfect sense to me since you can’t size a system until you really understand your power needs! Anyway, among their list of big home efficiency improvements are, of course, to replace windows and improve insulation but the other great tip I picked up was to install a programmable thermostat! Now, I’m quite sure the thermostat had not been touched since the house was built and I know that several times last winter I had to haul my tired self out of bed to turn the thermostat down when I realized the heat was still pumping at 10PM. The programmable thermostat is pretty simple to in
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My Adventure in Renewable Energy: Part 2, Home Energy Efficiency

In this second article in the series My Adventures in Renewable Energy, Making our Home More Efficient I explore the importance of thick insulation and energy efficient windows.
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My Adventure in Renewable Energy: Part 1, Where We Started

The first article in the series, Part 1 of My Adventures in Renewable Energy chronicles where we started in assessing and understanding our RE options on a personal level.
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